About Catalyst

Our Vision

What would it look like to create a church, not just for people who already follow Christ, but also a church for the skeptic, the seeker, or the cynic? Our heart is to be a community where Jesus is proclaimed in word and deed, to a city and world that desperately wants and needs to see some good news. Our vision is: faith found, faith lived, and faith deepened for God's glory and our neighbors' good.
The Twin Cities is one of the youngest metropolitan areas in the country, with nearly 70% of the population under 35. With less than 30% of the population attending a church, and younger generations being even less likely to be a part of a church (12%), it is clear there is a need for new approaches and new communities to lovingly share the good news and hope of Christ. People are curious about meaning, purpose and long for community and we think Christianity has robust answers, profound insights for how to live and meets our deepest longings and needs as humans.  

Over 7 years ago, it was this passionate vision and these simple statistics that began to stir the hearts of Jeff and Lisa Olson for the people of the Twin Cities, and they began to pray and talk with friends and church leaders about this vision. Fast forward to today, Catalyst is composed of a growing diverse group of people from Arden Hills, Como, New Brighton, Northeast Minneapolis, Roseville, Saint Paul, Shoreview, and the surrounding regions that strives to share the good news of Christ in every way possible; for God’s glory and our neighbors’ good.

We long for this to be a church where your faith does not stop at you. We hope that our definition of church and faith will not be contained to one hour a week—that it will be rooted in deep, authentic community that fosters an ongoing catalytic experience with Christ. We desire our faith to affect our actions and our beliefs. We pray that our community not only changes you, but every aspect, avenue, moment and person you interact with for the better. We long for our time together to be refreshing, life giving moments to connect with God and our community. We invite you to come and kick the tires of faith with us.