CatalystKIDS Vision

Planting eternal seeds of Fellowship, Faith, and Fruit in the lives of ALL Children so they may be ROOTED to GROW to Know Jesus, Love Jesus, and make Jesus Known.

Planting Eternal Seeds

As Kingdom seed planters our hope is that each and every Sunday kids at Catalyst encounter the love of Jesus and that Biblical Kingdom seeds of truth are investigated, explored, named, and encountered.

Fellowship & Faith

Community and building authentic relationship is a central and important component of our lives as believers in Christ. CatalystKIDS desires to create time and spaces where kids can grow in fellowship and friendship with their brothers and sisters in Christ. We pray this taste of community lays a foundation for the rest of their lives.


It is our hope and prayer that the kids at Catalyst not only grow in fellowship and faith but that the seeds planted grow to bear the literal fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control) in and through their lives.

Rooted to Grow

For spiritual growth to happen the Kingdom seeds planted need to literally take root in order to grow. This is a miraculous process that is by God’s grace and by His hand. We believe in a God, a Savior who overcame and conquered death. A Savior who can make dry bones come alive. A Savior who made lame men walk. A Savior who raised people back to life. A Savior who made blind men see. We are not capable of Christ's abilities. What can we do? By the power of the Holy Spirit we can pray, love, encourage, empower, instruct, support, sit with, listen, be present and available. Through the power of the Holy Spirit in us, we can be His hands and feet in the world but it is very important distinction that we are not in fact “doing” the growing.

Know Jesus

We want children to be drawn into the living word of Scripture. We want them to know the over-arching story of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. We want them to be able to develop their mind, heart and ear to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit, knowing what is from God and what is not. Can they be spotters of Jesus in the world? Can they be early identifiers? We are heirs of God and co-heirs of Christ. How might this affect how we see God and see ourselves in return? Our identity first and foremost is a Child of Christ.

Love Jesus

We long for kids at Catalyst to fall in love with Jesus Christ as creator, Savior and King. Knowing about Jesus is different than choosing to follow, give allegiance, and love Jesus with your heart, soul and mind. Our prayer is that they choose to ask Jesus into their heart and choose to make Jesus Christ the center of their life. We are called to live a faithful obedient life, fueled by the loving and sacrificial person of Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit working in us.

Make Jesus Known

Our faith in action is making Jesus known. The God of creation invites us into His work in the world. We have the honor and the privilege to be co-laborers with Christ. Faith isn’t just knowing and choosing to love and give devotion to God, we get to participate in His business. The Creator of the universe uniquely gifts us and promises us a future and a hope! He came to give life and has a plan and purpose for us! We are invited into being Jesus in the world where we love, serve and make disciples of every tribe tongue and nation.

At-Home Resources

We're excited to invest in the faith formation of kids at Catalyst each Sunday, but we also recognize that a significant part of formation happens at home.
The curriculum we use - Brite - offers some excellent at-home resources that parents and caregivers can use to build off of our weekly lessons. Below you'll find a calendar of daily options, and we also have a monthly overview of our Sunday content. You can download the monthly overview and a PDF of the calendar here