We're glad you're here

When you walk up to the doors of Hope Grove Church (which meets at Concordia Academy), you'll be greeted by a friendly face.
Free coffee and donuts await you in the lobby, please help yourself.
Mingle in the lobby, or head into the auditorium, to your right, where we hold our 10am service.

If you have children with you, you can proceed to the secure child check-in area and get your kids ready for a fun adventure in kidZone! Children ages birth-5 years old can head to their rooms right away; kids ages K-5 can join you in the auditorium for music, then be dismissed with their class from there. If you prefer for your children to attend the full service with you, that's encouraged too!

Our church atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. We start each service with live music, followed by a teaching message that we believe is thoughtful, engaging, and relevant. We usually wrap up by 11:15.

We hope you'll join us this Sunday, and we look forward to meeting you!

What to expect

Looking to connect? You're in the right place.

Come and kick the tires

If you are our guest, please feel no pressure to jump in right away. We realize this may be new to you and you may have some questions (which is great!). You may simply want to observe, pray, listen and be still, and we get that. Always know you are more than welcome to join us, as Catalyst strives to be a contagious community, focused on pursuing, proclaiming and demonstrating Christ and his love for the world.

Virtual connect card

Thanks for virtually joining us today! Fill out the connect card so we know you're here! Someone will contact you if you're looking for more information or need prayer today.

A Bit About Us...

Our community is comprised of various folks—some who have been invested in churches for years, and others who have never been a part of a church before Catalyst. Young and old call Catalyst home, and we like that. We desire to create a community where anyone can come in and ask questions, find fellowship, explore faith and grow.

We believe we serve and love a God who loves us so much that he will always meet us, wherever we are. Yet we also believe God loves us so deeply he does not wish us to stay there. He wants us to grow, serve and love others in his rhythm, and we do that in joyful response to his love for us.

As you visit us, even while we figure out what a mix of online and in-person church looks like, know that we seek to create a community and service where we value authenticity, excellence in our ministries and facilitating deep connections with God and those around us. We pray when you attend Catalyst you will not leave asking did I like it or how good was it, but rather asking am I called here to partner with God in bringing heaven to earth? Because we believe that is a much more compelling question–one that gets at the heart of Christianity and the vision of Catalyst.

Our desire is to create a community that asks how we can be the church, rather than just seeing ourselves as attending a church. We wish to create a space where we can come as we are, in all our beauty and brokenness, and we pray our time together encourages and gives us strength to go out and BE the church. Beyond our brick and mortar building, as the Lord’s prayer reminds us, we seek to help bring heaven to earth.


concordia academy

10:00 AM

(Parking lot entrance on lovell ave)