About Jeff

Jeffrey is a native of Roseville MN who  early in his teen years experienced Christ’s presence and love during  treatment for Leukemia. In that experience he sensed a call into  ministry to share with others the love and presence of Christ in that  season. Jeff and Lisa met and fell in love in college and have been  married for 10+ years and have three active boys, Jonas, August and  Elias.

Jeffrey earned his undergraduate degree  in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Bethel University. He continued  into seminary and attended classes at Gordon Conwell, North Park and  finished his Masters in Divinity at Bethel University.

Jeffrey has had the pleasure of serving  in 3 church ministries in the past 15 years. He has worked at a church  plant, a Christian college and on pastoral staff at two Covenant  Churches. All of these roles have had pioneering aspects to them where  he has helped to create and develop teams, services and ministries, and  Jeffrey feels that all of these experiences had been preparing him for  this exciting new call to plant a church back in the region where he  grew up.

Together with Lisa he eagerly looks  forward to this exciting opportunity to share the love of Christ with  the city they know and love so well. Jeff enjoys creatively telling  people about the message of hope in Christ and is particularly drawn to  settings and people who may have never had a chance to hear and embody  the good news before, or need to hear and see it in fresh new ways.