About Lisa

Lisa grew up right outside Boston,  Massachusetts. Raised in a Christian home with two older brothers, she  was heavily involved in sports and music and was open about her faith in  a secular public school environment. Hungry for understanding God more  and grow in community with others, Lisa attended Bethel and studied  Philosophy and Art. Her involvement there in leadership as a resident  assistant, worship teams, and collegiate sports grew in Lisa a heart for  pouring into others in the areas of personal, spiritual and emotional  development.

Lisa and Jeff married in 2003. While  working as a Resident Director at Crown college, Lisa completed her  masters degree in Ministry Leadership in 2007. Her passion to see  college age students grasp their purpose and potential in all areas of  their lives really fueled Lisa’s desire for development and mentoring.

In the last season of ministry, Lisa has  served as a Campus Staff Minister at the University of Rhode Island  with Intervarsity Christian fellowship. A campus of 15,000 students,  Lisa was charged with the leadership, recruiting and equipping of  students around the mission to establish and advance witnessing  communities of students and faculty that grow in a love for God, His  Word, and His World.

Most recently, Lisa has been investing her time and energy in being mom to her three boys; Jonas, August and Elias.