About Dana

Fast Facts:

How do you like your coffee? I can't stand the taste of coffee (I know, crazy) but I love Chai Tea Lattes! Iced or hot is just fine!
What do you love about Catalyst? From the moment I met Pastor Alex, to my first visit to Catalyst, everyone has been so incredibly welcoming. The staff, congregation, and the children have been so easy and enjoyable to work with. The diversity of people and their beliefs really make this church feel well rounded. Catalyst has the perfect balance of learning about why we need Jesus while still sharing a good laugh. I am excited to grow in relationships with everyone!
Which place that you have visited do you want to return to? I have been to Africa on three different occasions, specifically South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda. All countries were different, but all have amazing people hungry for Jesus. All of my experiences in Africa were incredible and I know for certain I will be back someday.
Current Netflix obsession? I spend most of my time watching Netflix while I'm doing a chore, such as laundry or dishes. Currently, I am watching Hart of Dixie. I love all the unrealistic, high school love story dramas.
Favorite book of the Bible? My favorite book of the Bible is Ephesians. I love this book most because it is a simple declaration of how to live, love, give thanks, and how to be an example of Christ in our world. It covers all walks of life and is the perfect book to fall back on when you need to get back on track.