Our Teams

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One surefire way to connect with a church is to serve. We believe we were designed to serve out of the abundance of gifts God has given us, and when we do we often feel most alive. Do you play an instrument? Do you like to work with kids? Are you a person who loves to welcome newcomers or help set up? When we serve we often meet others with similar passions and develop relationships. Healthy community is formed when we all are invested and helping in each others lives. Some of our teams focus in on these key areas:

Welcome Team

Our greeting team is made up of all the smiling faces that welcome everyone each week. Greeters help guide everyone from the front door to the service and answer any questions visitors may have about the logistics of the service. If you get excited about welcoming people, this is the team for you!

CatalystKIDS Team

Led by our Children’s Ministry Director, Lisa Olson. Our kids ministry focuses on creating opportunities to share God’s love with our children. This ministry works to raise up kids of faith. If you have a heart for kids there is a place for you on this team.

Set Up and Teardown Team

Led by Aaron Jones. Catalyst rents its worship space, which requires we set up and tear down the meeting area weekly. This team is responsible for setting up our stage and seating areas. If you’re interested in helping with the setup for our weekly service, we are happy to tag you in!

Music Team

These people help lead the musical portion of our worship service on Sundays. If you’re interested in singing or playing this is the team for you!

Service Production Team

Led by our Director of Technology, Zach Lundberg. This team helps behind-the-scenes to ensure the technology based aspects of our service are done well. Opportunities include: managing the livestream of service, video/audio editing, lyric slides creation, comment moderation, etc. If you’re interested in helping out with any of these pieces of our service, jump in!

Kingdom Impact Team

This team focuses on building the ways we serve in our surrounding community and around the world. From strengthening our connection with partner ministries to planning volunteer events, this group keeps us grounded in our continued search to serve our neighbors - both near and far. Bring your ideas to the table and work alongside the Kingdom Impact team!

Home Groups Team

This team is for those who get excited about digging into their faith with others. There is an opportunity to start or join an existing group at the beginning of every Spring, Summer and Fall session. Our home groups are an important way to connect to the church and grow your faith and friendships. If you are interested in joining or leading a group, please click the link below.